Creating Mandalas - Space for Self-Care

What does a Mandala has to do with Self-Care?

Mandalas draw us into their circle - setting our attention on the creative process . The repetition of shape and form put us in a meditative state - where the observation of our inner dialogue can lead to self awareness. A Place where we can feel the vibration of who we are and what we really want - or what does not serve us anymore. An opportunity where deep healing can take place.

The beauty of the creative process - as Marion teaches - lets us understand, that the structure that we are built off - can be enriched through adding light and colors and design. It points out that even we might feel restricted or stuck with who we are and what we do - there is plenty of room for adding beauty. Philosophically spoken - we can create our bright side in life …

It is the different layers in Marion’s technique - that show us that nothing needs to be constant but can be altered through adding different values. This journey of adding the layers can guide you to positive self-awareness and can be deeply meditative and insightful.

Especially these days it is more than ever important that we retreat and give our-self the spaces and time to look behind our veil of protection. Truth is that we need to give our-self a big hug and applause for the path we have walked so far and the story we are living.

Marion’s way of guiding the creative process of the Mandala will open an opportunity to reflect on where you are right now - and where you like to go. Your inner blossom will come through you and reveal the hidden beauty.

It is the Mandala and the creative process that can put us into the spot of listening and understanding about who we are and who we want to be .

What our time and planet needs is people who come alive through self-love and a knowing that we need nourishment and rejuvenation in order to have the energy to share our love and compassion with others.

The Pandemic gave us time and opportunities to rethink what really matters. Now as we step into our future of awareness I feel it is of most importance to take care of our heart and soul so we can share our love, compassion and kindness with the world around us. As mother Theresa once said : “ You don’t need to go to distance places - just start with yourself and the person next to you.”

But it is not just our creativity and our heart and soul that need to be nourished and taken care of. It is our very own physical body that needs to be loved as well. It is our temple and it holds the tension of the very challenging moments in our life , the memories are stuck in our muscles. Our body knows more than we remember.

To release tension and for our energy to flow freely Nichol is weaving in some gentle stretches and beautiful inspiring meditations so your body can relax and release.

Stepping into your Mandala Journey and bringing forth your inner blossom is like a juice cleanse for the mind with a rejuvenating effect on your heart and soul Reported Side Effects: ​ Relaxation, Clarity, Peaceful Mind, Joyfulness, Rejuvenation, New Visions & Feeling Lighter

So come and sign up for YOUR Mandala Journey