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About Marion Ilona Maenner


Marion is an Artist and a Mandala Coach.

Her creative nature and the urge to explore and experience different aspects of life, has lead her on a journey from being born in Germany to living in the San Francisco Bay Area today.

Marion has walked in many different shoes from fashion design, to extensive traveling, to studying holistic medicine and becoming a Certified Naturopath, to creating her art, and being a mother.


Life is her inspiration and her teacher. The urge to understand its lessons has led her to explore different philosophies and the teachings of our ancestors.

Creating Art is her meditation and every piece inherits and reflects the insight and the wisdom of the creative momentum.

Being creative came naturally to her and was a constant throughout her entire life. This said, it was not until later and through her studies in holistic medicine that she started to understand how her creativity has helped her mentally to live through lifes storms, challenges and trauma , helping her to reconcile and find balance.

Over the last 20 years she has grown into a successful independent artist

with international collectors who enjoy her unique and joy bringing work. During this time she also hosted several Private Mandala Journeys that have opened her awareness toward the positive impact that this creative process has on peoples life.

Today she is on a mission to expand her classes, bringing this amazing tool into more peoples lifes to establish a deeper self-awareness toward self-care and stress release. Please sign her mailing list for updates on classes and workshops.

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