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Mandala Meditation

Creating Your Own Mandala

A Spa for your Heart & Soul


Reported Side Effects:

Relaxation, Clarity, Peaceful Mind, Joyfulness, Rejuvenation, New Visions & Feeling Lighter

Mandalas are fascinating playful creative meditative tools.


They hold the ability to catch the dynamic influences of your momentum and through combining and blending of shape, pattern, form and color they bring forth your inner most flowering.

With a loving hug the Mandala invites you into its empty space - giving you the opportunity to bring forth the sacred geometry of your heart and  soul.

Open yourself into this save container and your creativity will take you to places where you can let go and find distance from your daily hustle bustle. You can now experience the freedom to dive into a deeper layer of yourself where clarity and peace are home.

Stepping into your Mandala Journey and bringing forth your inner blossom is like a juice cleanse for the mind with a rejuvenating effect on your heart and soul

This is a 2-Day or Weekend Workshop and is a deeper dive with more details and layers.

You will be working on a  24"x 24" canvas

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