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What is Bio Individuality ?

You are a rainbow of DNA thread  combinations, weaving your individuality, determining your physical and mental body.

Colorful Threads
Colorful Knitted Print
Yoga Practice

This is you -  a individual and uniquely "knitted" rainbow of cells - experiencing your very unique life's journey.


A journey within the rainbow of human beings and the cosmic creation bound by the desire to discover and manifest and express your uniqueness ......


Fashion Model

But within our society ........

......we feel the need and we are expected to fit into societies rules and the manipulation through the influences of our marketing industry and its products ......

.......With these influences and expectations our intuition is overrun and we loose touch to our own truth.

We are left wondering who we are, where we went off track and when did we start to neglected our-self ? .......

Girl by the Lake
Image by Haley Lawrence

We are now at a point where chronic stress rules our life .....

....which science says is the root cause of 95% of our modern chronic dis-eases .....

It's time to step toward the emergency exit and start the healing journey !

Reducing our stress factors by looking at wrong imprints and habits will ignite healing and bring forth our colorful uniqueness to shine again !

Creating Mandalas has proven to just this

Pride Boots

Mandala Journey

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