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Connect with Your Creativity

Find relaxation & inspiration through the process of creating your own Mandala

 Reveal the blossoming sacred geometry of your heart and soul

Step into your circle


Nurture yourself and find inner bliss and reflection

through the energy that flows throughout your creative process.


Take home your beautiful Mandala and the momentum of joy creating it


Mandala Journey

Step into your circle

Benefit of creating Mandalas

It is a playful journey in which the Mandala becomes the dancefloor for your creativity and a place of inspiration, joy and insight

Inner Smile


“Sometimes your joy is source of your smile,
but sometimes, your smile

can be the source of

your joy.”
Quote: Thich Nhat Hanh

Mandala Meditation


 Quite your mind, review your thoughts and make space to recognize what it is that really matters in your life .

Surrender to your creativity and reveal the beauty that lies within you ...

In my studio

Private Classes

I am offering private Journeys in my Studio in Martinez, California

Stepping into your Mandala Journey and bringing forth your inner blossom

is like a juice cleanse for the mind with a rejuvenating effect on your heart and soul


Reported Side Effects:

Relaxation, Clarity, Peaceful Mind, Joyfulness, Rejuvenation, New Visions & Feeling Lighter

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